Thrusty Ship

Developer: in Principle

City: Lethbridge

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Thrusty Ship
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Pilot your Thrusty Ship in space. Fight gravity, collect Cores and smash a bunch of space junk, but watch your fuel! In Thrusty Ship, the only enemy is yourself…

  • Core Hunts: Can you complete every level collecting every Core without dying once?
  • Time Trials: Completing a level unlocks Time Trials. Want a proper challenge? You got one champ. Try and get gold in every Time Trial.
  • 3 Worlds to explore: Progress in your adventure and unlock levels and mechanics. Can you beat the most challenging world, World 3?
  • 72 levels to beat: Master your piloting skills in various different challenges. Hours and hours of challenge and fun.
  • 5 tier 1 ships: Spend your Cores on ships, all with different attributes and piloting styles.
  • 5 tier 2 ships: Unlock and buy these advanced ships to get access to more extreme specs.
  • 5 secret ships: Nobody knows how to unlock these, but rumor has it these are really weird, with special abilities…
  • Cheek clenching moments: Stay at the edge of your seat, as you try your best to get through levels without running out of fuel!

Are you a casual player that likes to see new levels and mechanics? Thrusty Ship is for you!
Are you a completionist? Thrusty Ship has got you covered!
Are you a speedrunner? Thrusty Ship will give you something to brag about…

Release Date

Jan 22, 2019
Hi, I'm Craig. Creator of Alberta Makes Games and local advocate for game development.
I created the Calgary Game Developers meetup group in 2013 and have been a director for both Calgary Game Developers Association and Interactive Arts Alberta.

Thanks for checking out the site!

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