… AND we’re back!


After a summer’s hiatus, and a changing of the guard, we are heading into a new season of updates, content, stories and community connections. 

Changing the Guard

As many of you know, AMG was masterminded by Craig Pfau for years and, under his diligent care, became one of the primary hubs of all things games related in Alberta. Early last year, Craig decided to hand the reigns over to someone else for a while. The benefactor is Digital Alberta who have stepped into the substantial shoes that Craig left. In time, the decision was made to get me to take on the job of keeping the site going. My name is Owen Brierley and I am part of the games community in Alberta. I am going to do my best to bring you interesting content, timely updates on our industry, and live up to your expectations as much as I can.

Stories! We have some, we want more! You can help!

The gaming industry in Alberta is full of awesome stories that deserve to be told. I am excited to have already started talking with a few folks in the community, such as Kara Brown at BeamDog and the Alberta chapter of Women in Games, Dave Chan over at Quantum Integrity Software, Michael Magee at SAIT, and a host of others about contributing to the stories we need to share. 

I want to hear from you! Either with story ideas that you want to contribute, or stories that you would like to hear (NDA approved of course. 😉 You can email us at  communications@digitalalberta.com with your stories and story ideas.

Monthly Content Updates 

We are just getting started and we are all volunteers, so we appreciate your patience. We are working hard to get a monthly schedule in place so that we have reliable and predictable updates. 

Other ways you can help!

AMG is chock full of great information, but some of that information is getting old. Chasing down updates is a bit like trying to catch flying water (the liquid kind). We have a Discord server where we have a dedicated channel for Alberta Makes Games content discussions. (https://discord.gg/WNCQUvupUD)

I look forward to doing what I can to contribute to this site and help support our amazing community of Alberta gamers. Now is the time we need to stay connected and in touch with each other. Here we go!

– Owen

Feature Image Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash 

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