Technolites: Episode 1

Developer: Zugalu

City: Calgary

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Technolites: Episode 1
Price: 1.19 CAD


Technolites is an action packed top down shooter with an epic animated adventure, fully voice acted. The first game in the genre to allow you to build your own ship, with dozens of unique parts and weapons.


  • Build your own ship, and then equip it with your favorite weapons and upgrades.
  • Enjoy fully-voiced, animated cut-scenes with a galactic story.
  • Choose your difficulty: Start with Easy for beginners. Amp up the difficulty for a true retro adventure!
  • Level up your characters to improve your ship the way you want.
  • Challenge friends on the endless level and see how you hold up in the world with online leaderboards.

Release Dates

Sep 18, 2018
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