Developer: Mindframe Software

City: Calgary


Price: 0


Take control of PMC General Yulana Carter in a combination Stealth/Action 2D adventure. Explore an alien world filled with intelligent life as well as the brutal Nekril, a devout cyborg race that wishes to assimilate all life forms and claim dominance throughout the universe.


Experience diverse biomes complete with original pixel work and mythos. Harvest materials to create various items including cosmetic armor, weapon and suit augments.

Armor is not tied to stats so the player can feel free to customize the look without impeding on builds. Complete challenges and gain standing with different factions to unlock the ability to craft new looks.

Horizontal Progression: As challenges become harder, Carter becomes diverse with new options rather than gaining raw power. This allows player intelligence and skill to be in the spotlight over raw fire power. Customize a build to optimize your ability to take on challenges at the expense of other attributes.

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Hi, I'm Craig. Creator of Alberta Makes Games and local advocate for game development.
I created the Calgary Game Developers meetup group in 2013 and have been a director for both Calgary Game Developers Association and Interactive Arts Alberta.

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