Fables of Talumos

Developer: Cheesemaster Games

City: Calgary

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Fables of Talumos
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Fables of Talumos is a pixel-art adventure game set in the fantasy world of Talumos. You play as Oskar, a man troubled by horrid nightmares who wakes up to find that his nightmare hasn’t ended and that his wife, Ava, has been kidnapped by a mysterious sorcerer. Embark on an adventure through an unfamiliar land filled with a rich history, curious inhabitants, and dangerous foes. Help Oskar rescue Ava while also uncovering the many secrets Talumos has to offer.


  • Spend silver coins to buy curious and useful items.
  • Help out the local hunter and NPCs to earn new weapons and armour.
  • Explore the handcrafted world of Talumos to find relics of ages past.

  • Pay the ultimate price when shopping from the Mysterious Merchant.
  • Find the four fabled Tombs of Autumn as well as other hidden areas, rich with goodies to collect.


  • Face off against a variety of enemies including: monsters, bandits, undead, mages, and more.

  • Take on the bosses of Fables of Talumos, including a number of challenging optional bosses.
  • Prepare yourself for a tough final challenge as you chase down the Necroweaver who’s kidnapped your wife.


Explore the thoughtfully crafted areas of Talumos, from the town bustling with NPCs, to the wilds chuck-full of baddies and secrets. Each area of Talumos was well thought-out, with each house, item, and object placed to tell the player something about the world or its inhabitants. The purpose is to create a world that feels lived-in and fully realized.


Dive into the world of Talumos and learn about its rich and detailed history. Meet a variety of NPCs from the different races of the land:

  • THE HETONIANS are intelligent and cunning. They build extravagant cities and castles, and war for land with themselves and the other races, for their greed knows no bounds.
  • THE SKOGEN are a reclusive nature-dwelling people. They worship the Shapers, creators of Talumos, as well as the five true gods of the Moonlight Realm. Their devotion to the preservation of nature often leads to warring with the other races when their land is threatened.
  • THE FORLORN are cursed dragon-like humanoids who live far away in the Skyreach Peaks. Historically shunned and scattered, the Forlorn are resentful of the other races and wait for their warleaders to lead them to glory in battle.
  • THE FALLEN are what happens when the Black Flame, a power from another realm, is used to transform an entire nation. The result is a corrupting and undying sinister legion, led by a mad king, attempting to bring ruin to every living thing in Talumos.

Release Dates

Sep 1, 2019
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