Abduction Episode 1: Her Name Was Sarah

Developer: Red Iron Labs

City: Calgary

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About Episode 1

After waking up in a hospital, you must recover your memories and find the others if you want to survive the ABDUCTION.


The ABDUCTION game series is built as a no-handholding style game series. In each title, you play as a different character in the ABDUCTION universe as they come to terms with what is happening. You will need to be creative, you will likely die, and you will need to be creative if you want to find a way to survive.

Episode 1 is our first major series of chapters, covering the story of Sarah as she comes to term with a world of alien abductions, alien encounters and trying to stay alive.

Created in an older style of games, you are completely left on your own to find out how to stay alive.

Release Date

Dec 2018
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